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PRIVACY POLICY - Budnuts is a tracking free zone. We do not have any popup's, spy ware, ad tracking cookies and we do not install ANY 3rd party software or cookies to capture your data during your visit. 
All personal information obtained by  forms will be kept in strictest confidence and will not be passed on to any one other than a Budnuts Mini Donuts representative without express written consent of and upon request by the visitor. In other words, we do not sell your information to 3rd parties.


All information, graphics, themes, programs, etc. contained which are property of Budnuts Mini Donuts require you to ask permission to use our information by contacting the Administrator. No person may use these graphics, logos, trademarks or service marks of Budnuts Mini Donuts, in any manner, without the express written permission of the Administrator.

All other information, graphics, themes, programs etc are used with the permission of the copyright holders according to their individual terms of service and permissions are on file. Either in a written form or expressly granted.

Budnuts are made with enriched flour, eggs, milk, soy and wheat.  We offer pure cane sugar and cinnamon or confectionary sugar topping. 
Frosting are made with confectionary sugar, baking flavorings , fresh fruit puree ,  safe food colors, and water.

SOY, MILK, WHEAT, FOOD COLORINGS, and EGGS are allergens to some people. Please do not order if you have  food allergies or need gluten free options. 

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